Valentine's Day is just once per year, but you can suffer the consequences of blowing it the other 364 days. For single folks, today is basically Halloween 2.0 with all the candy available, and the day after deals. If you really want to impress your sweetie, stick to these top 7 ideas, guaranteed to make anyone in the Killeen-Temple, Texas in love with your gift.

Some people really go all out with their budget for Valentine's Day, but you can actually hit a homerun without striking out your wallet. This is definitely one of those days where, "It's the thought that counts." Put in the effort, and you'll cash in on some immediate dividends.

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Check out this blog on the top Valentine's Day gift ideas, we made it super easy by knocking it down to the top 7 below. You are guaranteed to be a winner in the game of love if you can pull off just one of these.

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Top 7 Gift Ideas For A Texas Sized Valentine's Day

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