Halloween is lurking around the corner. You know what that means: haunted houses!

According to Silo of Screams Haunted Attractions' Facebook page, they are already making major preparations to be ready for the Halloween season.

You can score tickets with the form below! Just enter the word "Scream" for your chance to win a pair of tickets into the Silo of Screams.

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The Temple Silo of Screams is located in Temple at 1511 Industrial Blvd. Rather than you having to travel to Austin or Waco to go to a fright-filled, top-notch haunted house, you can scare yourself to death right here in town.

The Silo of Scream's Facebook page shows several spine-tingling images of them preparing their haunted house.

Definitely, make sure you follow the Silo of Screams Facebook page.