If you have an iPhone, ask Siri what July 27, 2014 is.  You'll be surprised by her answer.Yep, Siri I think is either predicting the apocalypse or has a major glitch. According to the website TheEpochTimes.com, if you ask the question, she'll tell you that's when the gates of Hades open.  But if you ask her when the gates of Hades open directly, she'll respond with the date May 14, 2005.

“Opening Gates of Hades” might be in reference to “Chinese Ghost Month.” But others speculated it has to do with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, where the gates of “heaven open and the gates of hell close.”

So which is it Siri?  Are we in the end times??  I've got plans to make, bucket list items to mark of, and got to make sure I've got clean undies for the Rapture.