The Governor of Texas has proposed a statewide meal program that would allow SNAP recipients to use their benefits at restaurants.

According to a press release from the Office of the Texas Governor, Greg Abott and the Texas Health and Human Services Department penned a letter to the United States Department of Agriculture on Tuesday, March 24.

The letter requests that SNAP benefits become eligible for use at restaurants through a statewide meal program.

The letter explains that, "This program will aid Texas in helping to ensure the preservation of the local food supply by allowing participating restaurants to accept SNAP benefits as payment. "

Basically, we all know that the grocery stores are extremely limited in their supplies, and let's face it, what's easier to do? Also local restaurants really need our support right now.

Option A: Wake up early, fight the crowds, and hope you get what you need from the grocery store.

Option B: Get exactly what you want, when you want it from a restaurant.

What would you pick?

I'm really digging what Governor Abott is putting out lately from to-go alcohol to this. Keep it coming.

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