Are you a #TrueTexan? H-E-B Grocery Stores is pulling out all the stops to instill Texas pride and it will put out this commercial during the Big Game on Sunday, February 7 (like I really needed to tell you what day it's on...). The 60-second commercial shares a recipe for "How to Make a Texas," narrated by Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton and rather than taking the humorous route like most Bowl ads, H-E-B is calling on Lone Star State pride - something we all know thrives among us.

The video starts off:

So you want to make a Texas. The recipe starts with these ingredients: 269,000 square miles, a quarter million farms, 10,000 some odd ranches, lots of coast line, lakes by the handful, good dirt, clear water, corn, cattle and all the sky you can handle.

Billy Bob croons over beautiful shots across the state and the people that inhabit it.

Now stir in 28 million people. Try to find a good mix. You know, a pinch of this, a dash of that - it'll help give the dish so much more flavor.

The commercial is set to air all over Texas, hitting an expected 7 million viewers between the big game's third and fourth quarters. This will begin the new social media campaign #TrueTexan - so expect to see that hashtag in the future.

The video was shot "literally all over the state" according to H-E-B's VP of marketing and advertising, Cory Basso. See if you can recognize some of the locations. We already spotted a ranch outside of San Antonio and a fire station in Austin. I wonder what lake that is...