This story is happening not too far from us in New Braunfels, Texas. The mother of two, Courtney Rawson, told, "There were three to a seat and sitting along the floor which, it's not safe." Soon after she learned about her son having to sit on the bus floor, she spent about a quarter of a tank of gas looking for the bus that her son was on.

CISD issued this statement about the current overcrowding situation after being contacted by many of the parents. Their response: "overcrowded buses is typical for the beginning of the school year, "...and we see it every year, so this is not something that is connected to our bus driver shortage."

According to the article, here are a few of the bus guidelines in CISD:

School buses must not exceed 71 people. Steve Stanford, Communications Director for CISD states  "If a bus reaches "fifty to sixty students, the driver will call to school dispatch." The district will then have another bus pick up the remaining students. CISD is working to re-balance bus routes to alleviate the crowds. At this time CISD needs 21 bus-driver positions filled.

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