More students means Belton ISD will be in need of more school buses this year, and more teachers.

Susan Kincannon is the Belton ISD Superintendent and she says there are another 350 students joining the school system this year. That will bring the total up to more than 11,000 Belton students.

The school system has added seven new school buses to its fleet, and 19 new teachers to classrooms. Kincannon says they have the staff they need to meet all the students needs this year, but she says Belton ISD will become even more crowded in the coming years.

We expect that our elementary schools will be over capacity in 2019, the middle schools in 2020, and at the high school level in 2021.

In the works to help address all this is the plan named "Roadmap to BISD in 2025". The plan calls for a new High School and a new Elementary school to be built within the next five years. A bond election is currently in the works for the 2017 election to help fund the new schools. If the bond issue gets the green light, the new schools could begin being built in 2017, and 2018.

The first day of classes for Belton ISD is this coming Monday, August 22nd.

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