A couple of weeks ago I stumbled onto one of my new favorite series, 'Foo Fighters Sonic Highways,'  and I was hooked instantly when I realized they headed to Nashville.

Admittedly I have an eclectic taste in music. I love country music, old and new, but I also enjoy pop, alternative rock, and more. My iPhone is loaded with all kinds of music from all different decades and genres, so when I found that Dave Grohl had taken an interest in country music and Nashville I had to watch.

Throughout the show he ushers you through America's largest small town. You hear stories from legends like Dolly Parton and song-writers like Steve Earle to one of today's leading ladies, Carrie Underwood. Dave and his band the Foo Fighters hang out with the Zac Brown Band in their studio Southern Ground and talk about the history of the building and the music that has been made for decades within its walls.

Check out the preview, and let me know if you'll be watching soon. If you are an HBO subscriber, watch it here.