In a story reported by The Washington Post, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley plans to call for the removal of the Confederate Flag after protests calling for its removal from state grounds grew louder in light of the mass murders of 9 people in Charleston, South Carolina last week.

The flag has been the center of controversy over the years and the controversy grew louder over the weekend as photos of accused terrorist Dylann Roof were released showing him posing with the flag. Public officials including South Carolina State Senator Marlon Kimpson cited this moment in time to address this issue:

 It’s time to end division in this state,” he said. “It’s time to move forward into the 21st century. There are many who cautioned us to wait, but those people are part of the status quo, and what we have to do is galvanize and use this window of opportunity in light of this horrible tragedy and come away with a solution and an agenda to rid this state of hate, division and racism. I think that ridding the flag from the front of the statehouse is a start.” S.C. Sen. Marlon Kimpson via The Washington Post

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