Dear Brett Eldredge,

If you ever decide that you're done dating Victoria Secret models and you want to settle down, I'm here. If you decide you want to find the perfect step-mom for Edgar your sweet dog child, I'm here. When you are sick of having someone meal prep for you, and you want someone to go to Chipotle with you on the regular, I'm here. If you want someone to sing bed head jams to on the regular instead of your Snapchat, I'm here. 


Chubby Cheeks

Krystal Montez

But seriously, when you see Brett Eldredge in concert there is some kind of crazy energy he emits that you just can't explain. Brett Eldredge can make you feel like it's just you and him in a room and he's singing to you. There's no doubt that Blake Shelton is a genius when it comes to picking a partner to hit the road with. I was convinced I was obsessed with Brett Eldredge, but now I  am convinced he is one of the best live performances I have ever witnessed. The Country Music Freaks Tour with Carly Pearce, Brett Eldredge, and Blake Shelton is one of the best tours I have ever witnessed. Next time Brett Eldredge is nearby, do yourself a favor, go see him in concert. If you're not a fan, he will make you one before you walk out!

Krystal Montez