Matthew McConaughey is really talented and all, but I wonder how much involvement he really has in many of his non-acting projects.

The Oscar winner seems to be involved in every University of Texas event, especially if it's for sports. He's a film professor and the "Minister of Culture" at UT.

But he still manages to be the creative director of Wild Turkey, which he admits is basically sampling bourbon and saying what he likes.

His record with Wild Turkey now credits him with designing an off-the-grid eco-cabin in Sydney, Australia.

MySA writes that the whiskey company and tiny home startup Unyoked joined forces and had McConaughey design "The Reserve" to encourage Australians to build sustainable homes.

Business Insider reports that McConaughey partnered with twin Chris and Cam Grant to design the cabin as part of their Unyoked startup - an initiative aimed at inspiring people to get back in touch with nature and help protect the environment.

If McConaughey  actually did most of the design himself, that's pretty darn impressive, but it could have been just him giving a couple of pointers. "Put a mirror in there, so I can look at myself without a shirt". The cabin was constructed of sustainable materials and is solar powered, which was probably the highest priority of the Grant brothers.

I couldn't find prices, but you can actually stay in the solar panel powered cabin, which includes a Wild Turkey bar and some of McConaughey's personally selected books.

What I want to know is, what's on that bookshelf?



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