I moved to the Temple area back in late March, and one of my favorite go-to pizza places became Studebakers in Belton. Now they could have to close their doors for good.

A recent post on Studebakers' Facebook page says they will be closed the rest of this week, and are they are evaluating their situation and their ability to open back up next week.

The post states the closure is due to the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

The restaurant says they are very short staffed and sales are way down, so staying open is definitely a challenge for them.

They really have some great pizza.  My favorite is the supreme pizza.  They also have sub sandwiches, pasta ,and great salads.  Check out their menu here.

They're getting a lot of response on their Facebook page after they posted the announcement about closing.

Fingers crossed they'll be able to open back up next week and things will start to get better soon.  I'm sure going miss their pizza this weekend!

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