Researchers from a nonprofit organization called the Clean Air Task Force recently published a study that indicates more than 750,000 children suffer from asthma attacks every summer due to oil and gas-related smog. The 25-page study is titled "Gasping for Breath: An analysis of the health effects from ozone pollution from the oil and gas industry".

When you look at the numbers and do the math, you'll find that Texas is the major offender and it comes as no surprise, considering the lone star state is the largest oil producer in the United States.

Gasping for Breath / Clean Air Task Force

According to Chron, Texas accounts for half of the top 30 counties for asthma attack risk. The study reveals that 144,496 Texas children suffer from asthma attacks (that's almost 20%) related to oil and gas in our nation.

The next top states for childhood asthma include Oklahoma, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Ohio - and still combining all five states doesn't equal the amount of asthma attacks seen in the lone star state alone.

Gasping for Breath / Clean Air Task Force

The Chron also reported that the study declared "1.5 million adults take personal days due to smog related health issues. Children miss 500,000 days of school (105,824 in Texas) each year for the same reason."