News 10 is reporting that a suspicious package was found Tuesday morning outside of the Baylor Tidwell Bible Building.

A campus-wide alert was sent to all students and faculty shortly after the package was discovered.

Baylor police investigated the package at the scene and determined that it produced no threat to campus. The all-clear message was sent to all students and faculty shortly after 11:30 a.m.

“The package was assessed, and it was not found to be anything that would harm the community,” university spokeswoman Lori Fogelman said.

Part of the campus-wide alert told students and faculty to stay clear of the area until the investigation was completed.

Baylor police were assisted by the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office during the investigation.

Suspicious package threats are usually just a misplaced bookbag or box, however, Baylor PD treats every alert as a serious threat until proven otherwise.

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