UPDATED for Wednesday, January 17, 2024:

As promised earlier in this article, ice and frigid temperatures have gripped all of Texas in a hard freeze that is now responsible for massive cancelations and delays to area schools especially in the Killeen, Temple, and other area Central Texas towns. Even though there was not a large amount of frozen precipitation because we remained under an overcast sky all day and the high topped out in the mid 20s, ice remains a large obstacle as we head towards a second day of remaining below freezing.

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With the combination of all of those elements, it should come as no surprise that the majority of area school districts have decided to start the day with a two hour delay, or canceled classes completely by closing up campuses for Tuesday, January 16, 2024. You know the weather has to be considered pretty serious when even the higher learning institutions like Texas A&M Central Texas decides to start the day with a two hour delay.

Why did area Central Texas schools decide to cancel or delay their start tomorrow?


Sure, many students are dropped off at school these days, but there are still several that wait for the bus to transport them in the morning and at this time of the year, not only is it cold, but they children are waiting in the dark. By using a 2 hour delay, school can still count toward the end of the year requirements, and it allows for the overnight lows to be somewhat combatted by waiting until after sunrise.

You can see the list of closings and delays in this KCEN-TV article.

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