When the temperatures are finally at levels where walking outside in the Lone Star State doesn't feel like you're on fire, there's much to appreciate isn't there? You might see a bird you haven't seen before, or an animal rarely spotted in the state. One thing is for sure, there's a lot to take in.

But where is the best place to take in the sights and sounds of Texas nature? Truly there are many to select from. It could be your backyard, or it could be walking around a lake area.

Texas State Parks are certainly always a viable option. But here's the thing, what if while in the park you see an item you want to take home with you. Could you do so and not get in trouble?

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Items In Texas State Parks And Potentially Taking Them Home

Of course the items we're talking about are certain things like rocks, flowers, perhaps a bug. So you think, "nobody will miss this item right?" well as it turns out, maybe you just leave that item, whatever is, alone.

According to Texas Administrative Code, items that are in the state park, need to stay in the park where they are. So even though that item you see might look better wherever you want to put it in your living quarters, it's much better staying in it's natural habitat.

Yes, even the rocks in Texas State Parks have to stay put!

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