Whether she's opening up about her love life or singing one of her many breakup songs, Taylor Swift often wears her heart on her sleeve. The same goes for when she sets out to record an album.

The ‘Everything has Changed’ singer says she doesn’t focus on things like tempo when plotting an album, unlike a lot of other artists. “I don’t think too much about, ‘We need more down tempo. We need more up tempo," she shares. "We need more mid-tempo on the record,’ Because to me, that seems a little scientific. I just want to make an album that’s well-rounded emotionally."

She’s obviously doing something right, because her latest album, ‘Red,’ was one of the biggest debuts ever, selling 1.2 million the first week. The 16-song album includes the emotionally-charged singles, 'Red,' 'We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together' and 'Everything Has Changed’ with Ed Sheeran.

“Is it a sad record? Is it a happy record? Is it a mixture of all emotions?” Swift asks, speaking of her work. "Thankfully, I think that’s what this record is: it’s a mixture of all the emotions that go along with the ups and downs of a relationship."