Those besties Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran can't keep away from one another. T. Swizzle and the Ginger Kid were spotted at a pub in England located near where Sheeran grew up. 

It begs the question – Is T. Swizzle meeting Sheeran's family during the holidays? And is there more than meets the eye when it comes to this relationship?

Swift and Sheeran have consistently denied any romance, but they are always hanging out, which continues to stoke the fires of rumors about their status.

We're left to ask -- can't a guy and a girl be pals without sparking romance? Swift herself has mused about that concept, fully aware of the media interest in her love life.

Since Swift was in Sheeran's hood, we can't help but think she met up with and spent some warm and fuzzy holiday time with the Family Sheeran.

Check out the fan-snapped pics of the talented duo and Red Tour tourmates below.