If you didn't hear the big news from over the weekend, Taylor Alison Swift has broken up with Joseph Matthew Alwyn after about 6 years of dating. She will probably finish her tour, write some break up songs, and then it will be time to get back out there again. Once she's ready to date, these are the top 8 places you can take her in Killeen-Temple, Texas.

Why did Taylor and Joe split?

Well, if you are really wanting to fall down that rabbit hole, highly recommend the Reddit hole. You will learn so many theories, you might have to break up with your own significant other just to have the necessary time to read them all.

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Why would Taylor Swift want to go out with you next?

Well, there is definitely no guarantee T-Swizz will would accept a date offer, but at some point she will want to get back out there, right? Also, if she's willing to hang out with me, think about how much more you have to offer.

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