Children of the '80s know all about Johnny and Baby -- their 'Dirty Dancing' in the Catskills and his declaration that nobody puts Baby in the corner. Even though they weren't even born when the cult classic Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey-starring movie came out in 1987, Taylor Swift and new beau Harry Styles (of One Direction fame) weren't deterred from recreating the famous "lift" scene in the film. You know, where she runs towards him and he lifts her over his head.

A photo has been circulating on Twitter of what appears to be Swift wearing a black dress, being given a boost by Styles, who's dressed in a white tee and jeans. We can't see their faces, but it's obviously them, based on their attire, hair and fun attitudes.

This dance move is no easy feat, but Swift and Styles give it the old college try -- and we give them props.

It appears that the 'Dirty Dancing' recreation from music's new 'it' couple may have taken place after the Z-100 Jingle Ball on Friday night (Dec. 7), since both acts performed, and the 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' singer was snapped in a cute black frock on the red carpet at that event. Perhaps this was their 'Dirty' after-party?

The photo is also further proof that Swift is spending as much of her free time as possible with the boybander. Styles and Swift -- who turns 23 on Thursday (Dec. 13) -- were snapped together many times last week. Their 'Dirty Dancing' was much more sweet, cute and romantic than it sounds.