Taylor Swift graces the November 2013 cover of Glamour UK, and inside speaks candidly about how she feels about her reputation -- and especially her dating life.

Sporting her signature cat-eye makeup and a cozy striped sweater and black cap, the songstress explains that being a successful woman in general has contributed to a more negative reputation -- and for her, the negativity circulates around her relationships.

“The way it works ... is if you reach a point in your career where things are going very well, public perception needs a ‘Yeah, but,’” Swift says. “Like, ‘Yeah, but she’s been on a lot of dates, apparently.' 'Yeah, but I hear she’s crazy.’ I think you’ll find it has a lot to do with being a woman. And I resent that."

Adds the superstar, "...there has to be some downside to your personality or lifestyle if you’re a woman and successful.”

Although it's a frustrating scenario for the songstress, she wisely stays out of the gossip circuit, claiming that being obsessed with it is a pretty vain move.

"You can be obsessed with the bad things people say and the good things, either way you're obsessed with yourself and I'm not -- you can become unhinged so easily," she explains. "Vanity can apply to both insecurity and egotism. So I distance myself, because I feel everything."

At 23, Swift been in the public eye for years already, and she knows how much she can handle. "The little I am exposed to hurts my feelings," she reveals. "The only things I can really control are my songs and my behavior. The rest? If I focused on it, that would lead to insanity."

It's something the '22' hitmaker has vocally admitted throughout her time in the public eye, telling Glamour last year that she doesn't have a thick skin.

Despite the inevitable rumors that will surface if she steps out with anyone of the opposite sex, Swift is determined to stay cool-headed. “You can’t say, ‘I’m never gonna date a high-profile person in the arts!’” she continues. “But whoever I date, famous or not -- whether I ever date again! -- all chaos will break loose. With fabrication and frantic obsession and who likes who more and how it ended."

Right now, Taylor Swift is single and admits that it's easiest this way, sharing, "...right now is easy because I’m single and happy, and it’s very relaxing."