We've reported on plenty of fires in Central Texas, but this is a first.

Shortly before 1 PM, a young man entered our front reception area to tell us that heavy smoke was coming from the back porch of our studios. We immediately called 9-1-1 and went to investigate.

When we went outside, flames were licking the awning of the porch and the building, and there was a lot of smoke. We grabbed every fire extinguisher we had and went to work. When they ran out, we started using buckets of water and a jug from our water cooler.

Temple Fire & Rescue got there quickly, and we happily stepped back to let the pros do their magic. They had the situation under control in a matter of moments.

There were no injuries, thank goodness.

It's unclear what started the fire, but thanks to the quick response from our city's awesome firefighters, it was doused before it could damage our studios.

Our heartfelt thanks to Temple Fire & Rescue and the young man who warned us!

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