A couple in Temple asked for help and a kind hero answered the call.

This story from KXXV-TV goes to show there are good folks ready to help at the drop of a hat.

Frankie Pruett and Dora Pruett needed their driveway to be paved due to Dora's arthritis. She was stuck at home because her scooter couldn't handle the muddy path outside their porch and their newly installed ramp would get stuck in the mud.

After a few weeks, Frankie decided to ask for help. He went to Facebook.

"Ask for help and somebody help you," Frankie said. "I see a lot of people on Facebook do that, you know, so I said well why can't I do it."

Leija Trucking owner Manuel reached out through Facebook.

Manuel came to the Pruett’s home overnight and put in a new covered driveway – free of charge.

The Pruett's are forever grateful to the man who lives by a simple rule "I believe in giving unto others like you would yourself so,".

"I’ve given my last 10 dollars to somebody and it comes back triple or maybe 100 times more so I just you know, hopefully one day if I'm ever in that situation someone will come help me,"


So to help a guy who proved to have a big heart, below is Manuel's company info. We're all about doing business with local people, especially when they give back to their community in such selfless ways.

Leija Trucking
521 Cheyenne Dr
Temple, TX 76504


There's so much ugliness shoved in our faces on social media and the news nowadays, and it's easy to forget that neighbors are out there helping neighbors every day.
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