Temple Fire & Rescue respond to a house fire in South Temple Wednesday night.

Via ThinkStock
Via ThinkStock

Temple Fire & Rescue released a statement Thursday explaining a response call Wednesday night to a house fire.

The call was dispatched at 8:35 p.m. and sent to the 4900 block of Ledgestone Trail. First responders observed discoloration around the edges of the closed garage door with light smoke showing. They entered and extinguished the blaze.

Even though they responded quickly and had the fire under control by 8:51 p.m. There was fire damage. It was limited to the garage, but there was smoke damage to the rest of the house. Dollar loss was estimated around $40,000.

Ruling of the fire came down as unintentional. It was blamed on improper disposal of a cigarette.

Man, and you thought the taxes on smokes was bad. That last cancer stick cost forty grand.

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