Congratulations to Ashli Taylor!

Temple TISD presented student Ashli Taylor with her high school diploma after she was  hospitalized and missed her graduation ceremony.

On Monday, July 9th, Superintendent Dr. Bobby Ott and the TISD school board honored Ashli with her very own graduation ceremony during a board meeting.

After being hospitalized for three weeks and missing not only graduation but so many other senior activities, Ashli was surrounded by her family and celebrated for all of her hard work and tenacious spirit. Ashli's journey is one that so many people can look up to. Life hasn't always been easy for her, but she's always been a fighter. Born with jaundice, biliary atresia, and cirrhosis of the liver, her fight began early. In 2001, at the age of one, she received a portion of her mother's liver which allowed her to lead a normal life taking anti-rejection medication and not suffering from any post-transplant complications. During Ashli’s senior year in high school, she began to run into some health issues which caused her to be hospitalized several times between the months of April and June. During her hospital stay, they found that Ashli was suffering from internal bleeding, which caused her to miss prom, band, and choir UIL, as well as the opportunity to compete for State solo & ensemble. With her family's support and community prayers, Ashli was finally able to come home on June 20th. Ashli has been accepted to the Department of Music and Theater at Prairie View A&M University and plans to attend this fall. We are beyond proud of Ashli and wish her nothing but success in her future endeavors.

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