The unspeakable tragedy that unfolded in Uvalde has many asking themselves how they can help that community during this dark time, including the Temple, Texas police department. An officer from here in Temple will be in Uvalde to take up a supporting role.

19 children and 2 adults passed away during the incident. As the community, the city of Uvalde, and Robb Elementary School continues to heal, Temple PD has offered help by sending a Police Deputy Chief to help assist.

According to press release by the Temple Police Department, the request for assistance was received on May 26, 2022. Uvalde requested assistance to provide security for families who were affected, or by riding as a two-patrol vehicle with Uvalde officers.

In the press release, Temple Chief of Police Shawn Reynolds commented on the offering of assistance:

As the Uvalde community navigates this extremely difficult time, our department is willing to assist the families, schools and emergency responders in any way we can. We are all devastated by this tragedy.

The news comes as after reports have surfaced about the actions of officers in Uvalde. According to a Texas Tribune report shared by KWTX, the Department of Safety in Texas revealed issues with the timeline of the police response to the shooting.

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw stated that an hour passed before officers were able to enter the school to stop the shooting. McCraw said of the decision:

Of course it was not the right decision...It was the wrong decision. When it comes to an active shooter, you don’t have to wait on tactical gear, plain and simple.

There have been conflicting reports about how long it took police to enter Robb Elementary School to stop the shooting, as well as their response to parents who were reportedly detained while pleading with officers to ender the school.

Further details are available here.

There are no words that can adequately convey how heartbroken we are for the people of Uvalde. As we learn more about what happened, let's not forget to treat one another with respect and kindness. It's the least we can do to honor the lives of those we lost.

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