My favorite ingredient is garlic salt and I am always all about the shortcuts, but this ain't it. You cannot make terrific Texas toast with unsalted butter and garlic salt because that will get you disowned from Killeen-Temple all the way to New Mexico.

I know because I tried it once many years ago, and was only allowed to re-enter Texas just this year. Don't even try to stop in the middle of nowhere Texas. You must make the full exile and leave the Lone Star State, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Texas toast is honestly a near perfect food because you can dress up all nice and fancy, or keep it simple with just some light seasoning. Your kids love pizza, and Texas toast pizza is no exception.

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The most important decision to make when it comes to Texas toast is the type of bread. No matter which kind of bread you choose, just make sure it is an unsliced loaf.

Depending on the consistency and freshness, you may want to consider letting the bread sit out for a while after you have sliced it to your preferred thickness. Personally, I love sourdough.

You want room temperature, salted butter and make sure you lather it on both sides. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper, place the bread on the paper and shake on garlic powder and Italian seasoning.

The final debate is whether you broil or bake the bread. I always go for baking at 350 because it gives you a little flexibility about when to pull it, and this is incredibly helpful if you have children underfoot.

Broiler works great, but you have to be prepared to leap in only a few seconds like watching a toddler just learning to walk is carrying a fork. If you bake it, your toast is terrific in about 12 minutes. Boom!

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