Getting souvenirs through airport security can be awkward, especially when they're military grade.

Gabriella Patruno of KHOU11 reports that TSA agents at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport found a missile launcher inside a checked bag.

The bag belonged to a man from Jacksonville, Texas. He is an active member of the military who was returning home from Kuwait. When questioned by the TSA he claimed to only have the device because he wanted to take it home as a souvenir.

They must have believed him because he was allowed to board the flight. However, he was not allowed to take the launcher.

It was not a live device and all reports indicate that there was no danger to anyone and that the passenger did not protest with airport security.

So it may be shocking to hear, but it really wasn't all that eventful. A little advice to those of you traveling here at the end of the summer - if you want to take home a little memento, maybe not a weapon. How about a keychain?



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