Jose Guerrero a proud veteran took his son to see the Chris Kyle monument in Odessa Texas. When they pulled up he noticed something seemed off about the monument. When he walked up he realized the beautiful monument had graffiti all over it. Guerrero suspects that young vandals who have never taken the time to connect with a  veteran are to blame. Guerrero got rags, soap, and water and he and his son started to scrub off the paint from the monument. Word travels fast, a news crew made their way over to the cleaning father-son duo.

KTRE 9 caught up with he father and son and asked him about why he did what he did. "It upsets me deeply. Because I am not just someone who admires Chris Kyle, I'm also a soldier myself. I deployed to Iraq so I understand the sacrifices he went through.". We are grateful for humans like Jose Guerrero who are teaching their kids to always do the right thing. Thank you for taking the time to teach your son a valuable lesson and for helping restore the Chris Kyle Monument as it should be Jose Guerrero!

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