Veteran Lisa Jimmerson has a new mission to help as many as possible in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area that have needs. She recently founded the God Sees You Ministry with a goal to provide not only food, but services for people without access.

Where is the program located?

Right now the bi-weekly scheduled meal is happening from noon-1p every other Wednesday at Walking on Water Ministries Church in Killeen at 809 N 2nd Street, Ste 101. According to an interview with Jimmerson by KCEN-TV, the goal is to be able to feed anyone who needs a meal every day in the future.

Who can receive a free meal?

Everyone who is hungry. The ministry has a goal of reaching the whole community, and is not just for other veterans. Veterans are always welcome, but so are anyone who is facing hunger.

What can I do to help?

Boots on the ground is always a great first step. There are many ways to reach out to volunteer or assist. The easiest is through the Facebook page. They are also having a raffle right now to raise funds to keep the program going, and a goal of future projects.

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Why are they wanting to expand from the food service?

We all know that reliable access food is paramount to survival. Eating is the best way to power the machine that keeps us going, but there are other needs that contribute to a sound body and mind. Also, it's not always just one person relying on a strong body. That's why the goal is to expand to neighborhood baby shower, and drug use recovery.

Bravo Lisa Jimmerson, we look forward to seeing where your mission takes you next!

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