Great news for people who either need a helping hand with grocery shopping or are still being cautious due to COVID-19: H-E-B has announced that they'll now offer free Curbside Pickup service at any of the 250+ locations that offer the service.

It's a Red Letter Day for Introverts and Busy Moms

Full disclosure: As much as I love H-E-B, I'm not a big fan of grocery shopping in the store. Even before the pandemic, I just wasn't a big fan of crowded aisles and, well...all the people.

H-E-B is a much cleaner and more spacious store than most, but yeah...I'd rather get my items delivered or brought to my car. Just a personal preference.

(My mom, like yours I'm sure, could spend an entire day in H-E-B and have the time of her life, so she's an entirely different story.)

A friend of mine with kids says she likes the curbside service because she doesn't have to wrangle the kids in and out of the cars or worry about keeping them occupied while shopping on a busy or rough day.

Even if you're not a parent or enjoy taking the kids for a shopping trip, there are always those days when you're pressed for time and need to plan your day with as much precision as possible. If you can schedule a specific time to have some groceries loaded into your car without having to carve out an hour or two to shop, why not?

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Hooray! Free Curbside Pickup Will Be Statewide

I love the curbside and delivery options, but there's that extra charge. I understand it, but I don't love it.

Well, now you can get curbside service for free! (Well, as long as your local store offers the service.)

H-E-B announced Monday, May 17 that customers with a basket of items that totals at least $35 before discounts, promotions, or coupon codes will not be charged a fee for Curbside Pickup. (If your cart is less than $35, there will be a $2.95 small basket surcharge.)

“Our goal with H-E-B Curbside is to give Texans an easier, more convenient way to shop for the products they want and need, and we are excited to now offer this service free to all our H-E-B customers,” said Rachael Vegas, Senior Vice President of eCommerce Merchandising.

How Does Curbside Pickup Work?

If you've never used H-E-B's curbside pickup, it's super easy to use. Just sign up at or the H-E-B app, then choose your closest store that offers Curbside Pickup and select the service at the top of the screen. Do your shopping online, then schedule a time to pick up your groceries.

Stores with Curbside Pickup feature clearly marked parking spaces or areas where you can pull up and pop the trunk at your scheduled time. The sign has a number you can text to let them know you're arrived, then an H-E-B employee will load up your order.

That's it!

You Can Schedule Pickup Days in Advance

Don't feel like you have to rush to the store to get your stuff before they put it back. Just like with their delivery service, H-E-B lets you choose a day and time to pick up your cart.

What's great about that is you can do your shopping on their site or in the app, and if you have to take care of something else, you can come back later and your cart will still be there. Do your shopping online over the course of a couple of busy days, then schedule your pickup for the next day you have time to head to the store.

You Can Use SNAP EBT With Both Curbside Pickup and Delivery

Back in December of 2020, H-E-B announced that customers could pay for both Curbside Pickup and Delivery with SNAP EBT.

Last year's pandemic wreaked havoc on jobs and the economy, and many Texans found themselves needing to reach out for help and benefits they've earned.

To make it easier for these folks, H-E-B added the option of not only using SNAP EBT benefits at checkout online and on the app, but the option of actually checking your balance there as well.

Which Central Texas H-E-B locations offer Curbside Pickup?

When you start the online shopping process, you'll be asked to choose your nearest H-E-B location that offers Curbside Pickup.

Just to give you an idea of what's out there, here are locations cross Killeen-Temple where you can get your stuff brought out to your car.

Fort Hood Stan Schlueter H-E-B

Trimmier H-E-B plus!
KILLEEN, TX 76542-1910

Harker Heights H-E-B

Belton H-E-B plus!
BELTON, TX 76513-1519

Market Place H-E-B
3002 S 31 ST
TEMPLE, TX 76502-1802

Adams and 25th St H-E-B
TEMPLE, TX 76504-2448

More Curbside Pickup Locations Coming

Over 250 H-E-B stores offer Curbside Pickup, but there are still stores that don't. However, the company announced Monday that they're working on expanding the service. Keep an eye on your local store and be sure to ask them about it.

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