Imagine trying to survive in Texas while being on a permanent medication, and now the pharmacy that you rely on literally with your life is potentially closed, or experiencing incredibly long service times to get your prescriptions filled or refilled. This isn't an imaginary scenario for millions of people right now as organized walkouts are occurring at corner pharmacies all over the Lone Star State and the United States.

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The walkouts are so bad in some areas that entire stores, including the retail space inside, are temporarily shutting their doors for the past few days, and potentially for more days before the end of October. Thus far, the complete closing of stores has been fairly minimal, but as we have seen with several striking work forces lately, there is a good chance the movement is positioned to take on major growth.

What Texas pharmacies are experiencing the walkouts and potential closures?

Walgreens is under pressure to resolve the staffing shortages of many of their pharmacies, and help cover the man hours necessary to properly serve all of their employees especially as the flu and Covid-19 shot season is escalating. According to an organizer of the walkouts,

"We don't believe that Walgreens is allowing us to give our patients safe care on a daily basis, Walgreens isn't responding, they're not fixing those things."

The current walkout is more or less a warning shot to force Walgreens to act on a major scale. According to this ABC13 article, organizers are preparing to increase the scale of the walkouts before the end of the month.

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