Owen Wilson will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to Texas Monthly, Wilson will be part of the new Disney Plus series Loki.

The Dallas native's character is still unknown. The strongest theory is that it will be the Two-Gun Kid. As you could probably guess, it's a western-style character who's basically the lone ranger. Wilson loves to wear cowboy hats, so that could work.

Wait just a minute! Loki is Thor's brother. Thor has long, blond, lush hair, and Owen Wilson has long blond beautiful locks. They can't afford Chris Hemsworth, so they got Owen. I mean they both have less famous brothers named Luke, so they're practically the same.


Anyway, adding Owen to the MCU is great on so many levels. Comedy actors make the best superheroes (Michael Keaton and Paul Rudd, for example). He's already tackled almost every other genre imaginable (he should have won an Oscar for Zoolander IMHO). Hey, maybe this means Ben Stiller will be the next Batman or something. Wrong comics publisher? Ehh.


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