Advances in artificial intelligence have certainly changed the ways things are done, even here in Texas. Tasks that were once astronomical to handle have suddenly become less tough to deal with thanks to improvements in the way AI operates. But there's one majorly negative thing that comes with streamlining certain tasks - the ever-growing possibility that someone's job could eventually be taken by a robot.

Yes, while technology is a wonderful thing, it also could result in someone's job being lost due to them no longer being needed to take care of business. Tech is consistently growing, and in Texas, some may already be feeling the heat.

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Is AI Growth In Texas Leading To Potential Job Loss?

It seems only fair (and almost ironic) to determine whose jobs may be in danger of being taken by robots using AI. NetVoucherCodes did just that, tasking an AI with one simple question: which jobs in the US are most likely to be replaced by AI?

Data shows that some in Texas might need to be looking over their shoulder. According to the data, which was separated into Low/Med/High in terms of potential AI replacement, the Lone Star State ranked only behind California in the AI job theft danger field, landing second on the list.

1,071,420 jobs were placed in the Medium category, while 237,000 were located in the High category. Automation was mentioned as well, with occupations being replaced by AI in the millions according the data collected.

Hopefully, the robots will just help us, rather than take our jobs!

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