Every weekday at 7:30 during the Morning Reveille, listeners from all over Central Texas ask a ton of questions that I happily answer to the best of my ability. Sometimes those abilities are limited due to many reasons like not being very smart, having not lived in Texas very long, or the sheer exhaustion of having an endless honey do list while trying to raise 3 small kids that keeps us tethered to the homestead.

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How do you become a donut expert?

One thing we are practically experts on is the approximate location of every donut shop within a 3 hour car ride to one of our many spread out Texas family member's homes. To put that into perspective, we can leave our garage and easily be inside the city limits of the 5 largest cities of the Lone Star State inside that 3 hour window.

Much like how when you were a kid piled inside the family gas guzzler that was leftover from the 70's that couldn't pass a gas station due to it's terrible MPG (for us it was 5.7L V-8 Chevy Impala that looked like the cop car in Smokey and the Bandit), whenever the family goes anywhere it feels like we're not allowed to pass the donut store.

How do you decide where to get donuts in Texas?

If I didn't know better, would honestly believe my 7 year old son Leonard can simply follow his nose because it has a homing device for donuts and thanks to this being Texas, kolaches too.

So, who has the best donuts in Texas?

We have personally taste tested many of these shops, and all three kids have yet to file a complaint. Number 1 is Round Rock Donuts, and you can also check out 9 other Texas stores that rank among the best in the USA.

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