Growing up in Missouri right on the Iowa border we were spoiled with the greatest restaurant collaboration of all time that was a pizza and ice cream parlor based out of the Quad Cities called Happy Joe's. It is definitely a dining concept that I believe would be a can't miss not only in Texas, but anywhere in America.

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Happy Joe's is a franchise joint, that was coincidentally started by a Shakey's (the very first pizza restaurant to be franchised) franchisee. For the snobby diner, neither a franchise, nor a chain can be considered as the best because only a stand alone eatery, or one with very few locations could possibly provide an original, authentic experience.

What makes a pizza restaurant the best?


For me it is two very simple things:

  1. Tastes Great!
  2. Casual Dining!

Why must a Texas pizza restaurant be simple?

Pizza should taste great and be fun, just like bar-b-que. Also, just like bar-b-que, any place that makes you eat pizza with anything other than your hands should be against state law.


One thing that the top pizza restaurants in the United States seemed to have in common was they were Neapolitan style. Simple is often best when it comes to pizza because if you have fantastic sauce, cheese, dough, and topping(s), it really doesn't need anything else.

What is the number 1 pizza restaurant in Texas?

According to this Robb Report, the answer is Partenope Ristorante. They are named after the Greek Mythological Siren Parthenope who threw herself upon the sea when she failed to defeat Odysseus, and later washed ashore in Naples.

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