Texas has many nicknames, and honestly the best one of any state with the title of the Lone Star State. Of the many other nicknames we have the pleasure of being known by, my personal favorite is the Beef State.

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You would be hard pressed to develop a greater relationship in your life than someone who raises 100% genuine Texas beef. From calving, to grazing, to market for slaughter, and finally in the hands of your trusted butcher, it just doesn't get any better than knowing the cow was a native Texan.


There are hundreds of steakhouses across Texas, and thousands within the United States, so you should never have any difficulty finding a quality place to get a slab of beef. Of all the personality attributes of Texas, you could probably say pride is the one that is definitely always bigger.

What makes a great steakhouse in Texas?

That comes down to personal preference, some people really like the gimmick approach like The Big Texan in Amarillo. Other's think Texas steakhouses should be like an old west saloon, so we have Texas Roadhouse that happens to actually be from Louisville, Kentucky.

For my money, I usually like to go with the steakhouse recommendations of experts.


Those experts at Tasting Table have determined the top 20 steakhouses in the whole country, and one particular eatery ranked not only as the top steakhouse in Texas, but also number 4 for America. That steakhouse is none other than Knife Dallas, which is the creation of Michelin Star Chef John Tesar.

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