Leave it to a Texan to surprise a whole class of graduates.

The Statesman is reporting a story from the AP that billionaire Robert F. Smith is pledging to pay the debt for the entire 2019 graduating class of Morehouse University.

Mr. Smith was the commencement speaker over the weekend when he dropped the mic. Some math wiz (which is short for wizard, in case ya didn't know), says that it will be around $40 million dollars.

This is an incredible gesture on behalf of Mr. Smith and his family. After all, the pure greed of colleges these days is setting up a whole generation of smart young men and women to be destined for a lifetime of poverty because they'll be paying down their college loans for the next 40 years. That is except for the 2019 Morehouse class.

These young people have a leg up on the rest of America right now. Let's see if this advantage can translated into a lifetime of success.

Mr. Smith believes so. In addition to pledging the money, he also threw down the gauntlet to the rest of the alumni in addition to this graduating class. The alumni should try to continue this for each year, and the 2019 class should "pay it forward".

Pledge. I used to call up the Jerry Lewis Telethon and pledge $10 dollars. Never paid it, but I pledged it. Lets see what happens.



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