We all love to spill the tea in Texas, and Lord knows how much joy many people get from complaining about anything every chance they can. The question is, which cities' tea needs a whole lot more sugar, and probably a lot less tequila?

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Generally speaking in Texas you don't normally have to find extra sugar because our state's name literally comes from the Caddo word "Taysha," which means friend. Then again, a good margarita is awfully difficult to beat, but for the sake of argument, let's go with team sweet tea for now.

How did they determine the 50 rudest cities in the United States?

"Nearly 2,100 Americans to rank what they believed were the five rudest U.S. cities from a list of the nation's 50 largest cities."

The only question I really have about their method is whether or not the polled people all had experience with each city? If the people who took the survey had not personally been to all 50 cities, then they were clearly ranking the 5 by the small sample size of their personal experience, or entirely on reputation.


What 4 Texas cities made the list of rudest in America?

All of them. That's right, the list ranked all 50 of the largest cities in the United States, but where did each Texas city finish?

  • Dallas finished highest at 14.
  • Austin was a close second at 16.
  • Houston also ranked in the top twenty at 18.
  • San Antonio finished last at a very polite 38.

You can check out all the data in this Real Simple article.

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