One of the top complaints of long time Texans lately is how many people in California have been selling their homes for large sums of money, and then coming to Texas to buy a home for basically cash, and how that has caused the housing prices to blow through the roof. What if I told you there are cities in the Lone Star State where you can basically do the same thing with your existing Texas home?

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Yes, it is true that there are several cities so inexpensive in relation to not only the United States, but even other cities and towns right here in Texas, you could sell your house, and depending on your current equity get what some would refer to as a dream home simply by moving to another city in Texas. Just like my single neighbor sold their modestly small 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Southern California and ended up with a brand new 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom McMansion in Central Texas.

Where is the cheapest place to live in Texas?


The best part about the number 1 cheapest city in Texas to live is you're not in some remote, land where time forgot area of West Texas, you would actually be living in a bedroom community of a metro area of more than 1 million people. So, don't let it go, the city is Elsa, Texas just outside of McAllen.

So, unless you're Frozen to where you are, according to this Home Snacks article, you should check out Elsa.

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