In Texas, law enforcement works tirelessly to find criminals and bring them to justice. It's thanks to their efforts that victims and families can find closure and start to heal.

Sadly, there are sometimes cases that simply have too many variables involved.

Every case is different, and in earlier years, there were certain techniques that were unavailable to officers. Due to unavailable technology, or a witness not seeing enough of the perpetrator, some cases are more difficult than others. Sadly, while cases are extensively investigated, with a lack of evidence, the cases become tougher to solve.

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Eventually, with no new information to examine, some cases take longer to solve, thus becoming a cold case. Texas certainly has its fair share of cold cases. But there's always the possibility that somebody somewhere has information that hasn't been revealed to police.

The following cases, dating back as far as 1979, have gone cold, with no new clues for investigators to examine. If you have any information about these, please contact the Austin Police Department's Homicide tip line at 512-477-3588, or their Homicide Detail at 512-974-5210.

All info is provided by the Austin Police Department. Please note some individual's photos were not available.

Can You Help Find The Culprits In These Central Texas Cold Cases?

It's unfortunate, but sometimes finding someone who committed a crime takes longer than expected.

Once again, if you have any information, please alert local law enforcement.

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