A woman in San Antonio was waiting on a street curb for her boyfriend when police approached her, and quickly made the night one she's never going to forget.

According to the Washington Post,  on August 8, 2016 Natalie Simms was subjected to a unwarranted cavity search.

Natalie was talking on her cellphone, passing time while waiting on her boyfriend, when police confronted her. Reportedly, officers had been investigating the area after receiving information about possible drug activity.


The officers obtained consent from Simms for a search of her vehicle. Nothing was found in the car, but a female officer, Wilson was called to the scene to search Natalie.

Officer Wilson found no drugs on Natalie or in her clothing.

This is where it gets crazy.

According to transcript from the dash-cam footage, Officer Wilson instructs Natalie to "spread your legs."

Officer Wilson then questions Natalie if she has anything "down here" that she should know about. Alarmed, Natalie told Officer Wilson that she did not have anything, but that she was on her period.

Officer Wilson allegedly told Natalie that she was only going to look and not touch.

In front of 5 other male officers, Officer Wilson pulled open Natalie's pants and underwear. Wilson then notices the string of the tampon and pulls.

After questioning Natalie about the validity of her tampon, Officer Wilson added "you're very hairy."

Simms sued the city of San Antonio and the now retired officer, Mara Wilson. Natalie is now in a legal battle with the city of San Antonio for a settlement of $250,000. A vote will take place October 17, to approve or deny the settlement lawsuit according to the city agenda.

The agenda memo recommends approval of the settlement, and states, "if this settlement is not approved by the City Council, this case will proceed to a jury trial. It is in the best interest of the City to settle this matter to avoid the uncertainties and risks associated with litigation in a case of disputed damage.

A notation was made in Wilson's personnel file, but she never faced any serious punishment. Wilson ultimately retired 9 months after the incident with Natalie Simms.

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