The tragic end to Texas country singer Kylie Rae Harris's life is even more heartbreaking after a toxicology report.

In a press release from the Taos County Sheriff’s Office, it was revealed that Harris had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.28, more than three times the legal limit for driving and was speeding as high as 102 miles per hour during the first collision.

What makes it all the more tragic is Harris killed 16-year-old Maria Cruz during this totally preventable collision.

Cruz was driving home from work when Harris's vehicle crossed over to the oncoming lane and struck her still traveling at approximately 95 miles per hour.

One of the first responders at the scene was Maria's father.

I saw Kylie perform just a few weeks before the accident. I wanted to believe that's all it was. An accident.

It's unfortunate that it doesn't go without saying, but drinking and driving is never acceptable. It's not just you out on the streets. If you are responsible enough to not drive while impaired, make sure you take every step you can to prevent someone else from doing so.






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