If you saw something from the seafood department moving around on the floor of a grocery store, what would you do? Would you take it home with you?

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A Houston woman saved a life and got a free pet from her local H-E-B, after picking up a stray crawfish and giving it a new home. A store employee told Jenifer Mejia she could keep it, and the TikTok video of her putting the animal in her aquarium racked up over 3.8 million views and over 455,000 likes.

Giving Seafood a Second Chance

Mysanantonio.com reported that Mejia says this isn't her first crawfish. Also, her tank is large enough to give her new pet plenty of space, and he isn't touching other fish in the aquarium. She has posted several video updates, showing the crawfish healthy and alive. In one of her recent videos, she stated that now she needs help with a name.

Crawfish Make Good Pets

Mejia may want to get this little fella his own place soon, however. Although crawfish, also known as crayfish, can be fun, inexpensive pets, they tend to eat other living creatures nearby, according to Crayfish Dude, a crayfish and fresh water fish website.

You can keep other creatures in the tank, but they need to be the right types of fish, otherwise, you might just be feeding your new pet a snack. Right now, I'm sure this crawfish is just grateful that he didn't wind up on a plate with some potatoes and corn!

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