When was the last time you were driving in the Killeen and Temple area, really wanted to go past the slower moving vehicle in front of you, and the driver actually pulled to the shoulder and got out of your way?

What is the 'Texas Common Courtesy Traffic Law?'

545.058 - Driving on Improved Shoulder allows for motorists to utilize the paved shoulders of roadways in Texas:

  • It is incredibly useful for passing left turning vehicles when no turning lane is present.
  • Yielding to the shoulder when faster moving traffic approaches from behind you.
  • To decelerate when making a right turn to not impede traffic to your rear that would have to slow down for you to turn.
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Why aren't people using the shoulder anymore?

Would not say it never happens anymore, but most commonly when I witness a car moving to the shoulder for others to pass, the driver is of an older generation. So, Thanks Boomer!

Honestly believe that drivers who have joined the Texas roads didn't learn that from their parents unless they grew up rural. Think about it, there are so many 3, 4, and even 5 or more lanes in most urban areas, that nobody thinks to get out of the way because lanes, like everything at Costco, now come in bulk variety.

You also have to consider how many people have simply moved to Texas in the last decade. We literally have millions of people here that probably have no idea 545.058 - Driving on Improved Shoulder exists.

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