The Texas summer is full swing as we all know.

While the state enjoyed a lot of rain at the beginning of the year, the sun is now making its presence known. Air conditioners are constantly running, and Texans are doing everything they can to stay out of the sun for as long as possible. But Texas isn't the only dealing with this right?

It's hot everywhere this time of year right? Other states have to deal with triple digit temps too of course. But could there be states that are possibly worse for summer than Texas?

As it turns out, yes there are states higher than Texas. But not many!

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How Bad Is A Texas Summer Compared To Others In The Nation?


To discover the answer, we turn to Ranker to find out. Using voting data from 500 of their readers, they were able to discover the top ten states that aren't the best for being in during the summer months. So where could Texas rank on the list?

Some may be guessing number one overall for the Lone Star State. but as it turns out, Texas wasn't at the top of the list. Number one overall was the state right next to us, Louisiana taking to top spot.

In fact, Texas landed at number five on the list. Which is still in the top ten unfortunately. In front of Texas was Alabama, Arizona, and Mississippi. Could we get some rain for being lower than we thought though?

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