Sometimes, residents in Texas wish to visit other places outside the state.

After all, they say that variety is the spice of life. So going out of town for a bit helps reset a person's mind for a little bit. Wherever they wish to go is up to them.

It could simply be going to the beach, or perhaps traveling out of state. Someone may even leave the country for a little bit if they're able. But if one is to leave for another place, they will either have to drive or even perhaps fly.

There's plenty of ways to travel in the Lone Star State, but for three cities in Texas, traveling to and from them isn't the best.

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The Worst Cities For Travel In Texas


Per Forbes Advisor, they revealed data which ranked both the best and worst for travel in the nation. There were three important factors used to determine them. Here they are:

- Air Travel Experience Score
- City Experience Score
- Driving Experience Score

So with those categories revealed, three Texas cities found themselves placed in the top 20. They where Dallas, El Paso, and San Antonio. Here's their overall scores:

Dallas, Texas

Air Travel Experience Score: 50.06
City Experience Score: 37.98
Driving Experience Score: 70.03
Overall Ranking: 13th

El Paso, Texas

Air Travel Experience Score: 66.29
City Experience Score: 24.94
Driving Experience Score: 46.06
Overall Ranking: 15th

San Antonio, Texas

Air Travel Experience Score: 40.52
City Experience Score: 54.22
Driving Experience Score: 33.73
Overall Ranking: 20th

Just barely missing the top 20 was Austin, Texas. Austin was placed at 24th on the list. So if you're traveling in these cities in Texas, be prepared for some stress!

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