A 3-month-old infant may have died of suffocation on Christmas Eve.

According to reports from KHOU 11, a baby boy crawled into a plastic shopping bag and suffocated on Christmas Eve around 4:30 AM. The incident took place at the family residence in Houston at the 14800 block of Shottery Dr.

The infant's mother was working overnight at a restaurant, and left the baby in the care of it's grandmother. There were also 4 other children ages 15 and under inside the home.

Speaking to the Sheriff's office, the grandmother explained that when she went to bed at around midnight that evening, the baby was in the living room, where it was harder for him to move around. Sometime later, one of the kids moved the baby on to a mattress on the floor of another room.

At this time, the Sheriff's office believes that the baby crawled or rolled off the mattress and into the shopping bag, where he was unable to breathe. Officials announced the baby deceased on the scene.

An autopsy has been ordered in order to confirm the cause of death, and an investigation is under way.


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