It's pretty embarrassing when your state ranks 11th in the world for COVID-19.

According to a report from KHOU, Texas now ranks as the 11th place in the world with the most active COVID-19 cases. Sure Texas is large and boasts a nice population, but being ranked on this sort of list really wasn't something I was hoping to see soon.

On Wednesday alone, Texas reported 9,979 new cases. My friends in other states keep asking why we're seeing such a dramatic increase in cases, and in my opinion it's because a lot of Texans do not believe that Coronavirus is real, or that it poses a real threat to themselves and others.

Here in Central Texas we've seen COVID-19 cases jump from 562 all the way up to 5,481! Let me say this: COVID-19 is real! This is not a game. There are lives at stake. Please, please, please social distance yourselves and wear a mask!

The United States is only 4% of the worlds population, yet we make up 25% of all cases in the world. Again, embarrassing! Let's get it together because I do not want to head into 2021 like this.

I really could care less about your political beliefs at this point. I just want to live and see others survive.

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