Shopping in the Lone Star State can sometimes be a little bit stressful.

Why do we say that? Well, sometimes finding an item in the store could be more annoying than one could imagine. Or, there's just some many people in the shopping center that it just becomes a pain.

But, there are always stores that make shopping so simple and so easy that it almost doesn't seem fair. The staff is always nice, people don't get in each other's truly is a dream. But can that actually happen in the state of Texas?

Well sadly no, but, four stores in Texas may be just as close to that dream as we wish it could be.

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Four Grocery Stores In Texas Stand Tall Amongst Nation


So who is this fearsome four that many across the state should be proud of? Well, Solitaired has the answer for us. Using reviews for stores, which had to total over 1,000, the rankings revealed something interesting.

First, the fantastic part, Texas held a 40% advantage in the top 10, with four spots occupied by Texas stores. Here's the thing though, three of those stores?

They were Trader Joe's. The stores located in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston were ranked as the best in the nation. However, one store reigns above all.

Central Market in Fort Worth ranked fourth in nation. So while many love Trader Joe's, it looks like one store reigns over them all here in the Lone Star State. Even better, no stores in Texas were in the worst list.

It seems like there's nothing like Texas shopping.

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